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Spring Cleaning Includes Your Chimney, Too!

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When the weather warms up in the spring, many of us have long to do lists for our homes! This year, don’t just focus on cleaning out closets or shampooing carpets – make sure to include your chimney on your spring cleaning list!

After a long winter of use, spring is the perfect time to have your chimney serviced. Whether you need a routine sweeping and inspection or more intensive masonry work, make sure your spring cleaning includes your chimney, too!

Spring Cleaning Includes Your Chimney Too - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of Michigan

Was my chimney damaged over the winter?

Fall and winter are the heaviest use periods for your fireplace and chimney; because of this, it is also the time of year when they are most likely to be damaged. Below are two of the most common causes of winter chimney damage.

  • Water damage. The bricks and mortar of your chimney are naturally porous, absorbing small amounts of water into the small holes on the surface. While these tiny droplets of water might not do much damage, during the winter they can freeze and expand. As the water thaw, this freeze-thaw process creates progressively larger and larger holes and cracks to appear. Regular chimney inspections or masonry waterproofing can help protect your chimney against water damage.
  • Creosote buildup. One of the most common byproducts of combustion from fires is creosote. Creosote is produced in small amounts in all fuel-burning fires, but is created most in wood-burning fires; burning green wood or allowing fires to smolder at low temperatures can greater more creosote than other fires. Because creosote is highly flammable, it is important to have it removed by regular chimney sweepings.

Why spring is the best time for chimney service

Even though you won’t be using your chimney again for several months, spring is often the best time for chimney service. Annual preventative maintenance such as chimney sweepings and inspections can help keep your fireplace burning safely and efficiently all year long. Below are a few of the reasons why we recommend having your chimney serviced this spring.

  •  No weather delays. Many masonry repairs cannot be done if the weather is too hot or too cold. Because of this, the mild spring temperatures are often perfect for having chimney repairs done.
  • Easy to schedule appointments. Spring is generally considered to be the off season for chimney services. This means it is often easier to schedule appointments at convenient times or have services scheduled as soon as possible.
  • Have your fireplace ready for fall. By having your chimney serviced in the spring, it will be ready to use again when temperatures cool off in the fall. This means there will be no delay in using your fireplace in the fall.

While you’re getting the rest of your house in shape for spring, don’t forget about your fireplace! Contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan to schedule your spring chimney services today.