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Let Paint N Peel Do The Hard Work!

Even a beautiful fireplace can seem dated if the surrounding masonry is dirty. However, cleaning masonry can be a work-intensive, time-consuming process that requires the use of harsh chemicals. Likewise, painting the fireplace may cover the staining but permanently changes the masonry.

Homeowners now have an alternative to spending hours scrubbing their fireplace’s masonry. Paint N Peel gives homeowners the ability to quickly and easily remove years of staining from smoke, ash, and soot from their masonry without using harsh chemicals.

What is Paint N Peel?

Paint N Peel, a Chimney Saver product, can be used to remove masonry staining without damaging or changing the original color of the underlying bricks and mortar. With a formula specifically designed for removing stains caused by smoke and soot, Paint N Peel helps the natural masonry shine.

Paint N Peel vs Other Cleaning Methods

Paint N Peel differs from other masonry cleaning methods. First, it does not use harsh chemicals. This is beneficial when cleaning interior masonry as it will not affect the air quality in your home or cause breathing issues for those with allergies or asthma. Likewise, its easy to apply formula eliminates the need to spend hours on end scouring and scrubbing.

Power washing removes stains from exterior masonry and causes significant damage to bricks and mortar. While this cleaning method may remove stains, the extreme pressure from the water can cause serious damage to the masonry. Paint N Peel is effective at removing stains without damaging the underlying masonry.

Many homeowners choose to paint their masonry when it becomes stained. While this covers the stains, the paint will irreparably cover the brick; this will prevent you – and any future owners of your home – from enjoying the natural masonry, as well as affect the naturally porous properties of the bricks.

How Paint N Peel Works

Paint N Peel is fast, effective, and easy to use. A thick coat of the product is applied to the stained masonry using product-specific brushes. This covers every nook, crevice, and cranny of the bricks and mortar. The Paint N Peel then cures and sets for between 6 and 12 hours.

As it dries, the Paint N Peel forms a nontoxic film that easily peels away from the masonry. When peeled away, the product will also remove years of staining and leave the masonry looking restored to its original beauty.

.Paint N Peel can be used on masonry both inside and outside your home. However, there are some restrictions. The product should only be applied when the temperature is between 45 and 95 degrees. Therefore, only use Paint N Peel on exterior masonry during the milder months of spring and fall.

You don’t have to live with a dirty fireplace or stained chimney. To restore the natural beauty of your masonry, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about Paint N Peel!

Want to Breath New Life into Your Home? Invest in a Fireplace!

Does your home’s interior leave you feeling uninspired? Are you looking for a way to add resale value without breaking the bank on a remodel? If so, it may be time to upgrade or replace your fireplace!

Fireplaces are one of the most valued features in real estate. In addition to helping your home stand out from similar listings, they can add significant value. One survey found that 40% of potential buyers would pay more for a home with a fireplace. Fireplace upgrades or additions also give homeowners a high return on investment. This means the value they add to your home is close to the cost of the project.

Whether you have an existing fireplace that is out of date, an older hearth that you don’t use, or want to add a completely new chimney system to your home, the experts at Clean Sweeps of Michigan can help.

Upgrading an Existing Fireplace

There are a number of reasons why homeowners do not fully utilize – or love – their fireplaces. Two of the most common are that the fireplace is out of date or does not fit their style, or that the fireplace or chimney are damaged and cannot be used.

Fireplace Facelift

If your fireplace is stained, out of date, doesn’t meet your heating needs, or stands out from your style, it may be time to invest in a fireplace facelift. Making over your existing fireplace is a cost-effective way to get back to using and enjoying your fireplace.

Because all fireplaces are unique, our team will create a custom plan just for your home. Therefore, this allows you to personalize everything from the materials, colors, size, style, and accessories. The project can be as big as completely refacing the masonry or as small as replacing a mantle or adding new glass doors.

Upgrading a fireplace is an excellent time to consider switching fuel sources. Fireplace inserts can be installed into existing hearths; these EPA certified heating appliances are available in gas, wood, and pellets, making it easy for every homeowner to find the perfect fireplace for their home.

New Fireplace Construction

There is nothing quite like spending an evening in front of a fire. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, it is still possible to add one! Our team of masons and chimney sweeps can help construct a chimney system that not only looks beautiful but is safe, functional, and will last for years to come.

Summer is a great time to upgrade your existing fireplace or add a new chimney system to your home. Working on your fireplace now ensures that it will be ready to go when cooler temperatures arrive. For more information on updating an existing fireplace or to ask about new chimney construction, contact the experts at Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

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