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We Love Serving Our Neighbors in Northern Indiana

Winters in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana can be brutal; for many families, sitting in front of a roaring fire is a way to stay warm, spend time together, and creating lasting memories. Atservice map graphic Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are proud to service the chimneys and fireplaces of our friends and neighbors, including Northern Indiana!

About us

Founded in Clarklake in 1980, Clean Sweeps of Michigan was started by a local fireman before being sold to long-time employee and current owner Cliff Slagle. We are proud to provide high quality chimney and dryer vent services to our friends, family, and neighbors throughout Mid-Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. Along the way, we have built an award-winning chimney service company with top reviews on Google and Angie’s List.

As part of our commitment to quality, our team is dedicated to keeping chimneys and dryer vents as clean and safe as possible. Our team of chimney sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, or CSIA; our sweeps are also members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and members of a variety of other professional guilds and organizations.

Our services

Clean Sweeps of Michigan offers a full range of chimney and fireplace services. From regular maintenance to extensive repairs, our team of chimney technicians can care for every part of your fireplace system. Some of our chimney services include:

  • Chimney sweepings and inspections. Chimney sweeping is an important part of regular chimney maintenance. A chimney sweeping removes soot, ash, and creosote from the flue; this allows the fireplace to burn safely and efficiently. During a chimney inspection, accessible portions of the interior and exterior of the flue are checked for signs of damage or deterioration.
  • Chimney rebuilding and restoration. Whether your chimney is in need of minor repairs or a major rebuild, our master masons can restore your fireplace and chimney to its former glory.
  • New chimney construction. Want to add a chimney to your home or business? Our masons can help make your dreams a reality and create a chimney system that will last for years to come!

We service dryer vents, too!

We aren’t just a chimney company – we service dryer vents, too! Having dryer vents professionally cleaned can help dryers operate more efficiently while also significantly reducing the risk of dryer vent fire.

During regular use, the same lint that accumulates in the lint trap begins to accumulate in the dryer vent. Over time, this lint can create blockages that forces the dryer to work harder, eventually creating super-heated air that can ignite the highly flammable lint. Likewise, these blockages can cause clothes to not dry completely, be left with a musty odor, or take longer than one cycle to dry.

Why choose a local company

When looking for a chimney sweep, hiring locally matters. There are often a number of “drive-through” chimney sweeps that come in and out of an area during the fall and winter. However, these chimney sweeps are usually not familiar with the area, the weather, and the unique characteristics of fireplaces or chimneys in the region.

Likewise, when you support a local company you are directly supporting the community! We live and raise our families in the same areas we work; our team of trained chimney technicians are dedicated to providing our neighbors with high quality fireplace services year-round.

At Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are proud to be involved in the communities we serve. We are proud to partner with a variety of local organizations and associations including Jackson Christian School, Jackson Area Rec Baseball Sponsors, Jackson Area Chamber Of Commerce, Brooklyn – Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce, Washtenaw County BRAGG Ann Arbor.

Our name says Michigan, but we serve Northern Indiana, too!

While our company name may be Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are proud to service customers in Northern Indiana as well! Several years ago, we noticed that our neighbors in Northern Indiana were severely underserved by fireplace and chimney professionals.

Because many homes in the area use wood stoves, we are happy to dedicate trucks and technicians specifically to this part of the state. We now offer daily appointments for chimney and dryer vent services throughout Northern Indiana which leaves us wondering – what took us so long?

The following is the list of counties and cities we currently serve in Northern Indiana.

  • Allen County: Anthony Wayne Village, Avalon, Cedarville, Eastland Gardens, Fairfax, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hillcrest, Hoagland, Huntertown, Indian Village, lake Shores, Leo, Leo-Cedarville, Lincolnshire, Monroeville, New Haven, North Highland, Northcrest, Tanglewood, Waynedale, Westchester, Woodburn
  • Dekalb County: Alton, Ashley, Auburn, Butler, Corunna, Garrett, Saint Joe, Waterloo
  • Elkhart County: Bristol, Dunlap, East Lake Estates, Elkhart, Goshen, Greenleaf Manor, Middlebury, Millersburg, Nappanee, New Paris, Simonton Lake, Wakarusa
  • Kosciusko County: Burket, Claypool, Etan Green, Leesburg, Mentone, Milford, North Webster, Pierceton, Sidney, Silver Lake, Syracuse, Warsaw, Winona Lake
  • Lagrange County: Howe, Lagrange, Shipshewana, Topeka
  • Noble County: Albion, Avilla, Cromwell, Kendallville, Kimmell, Ligonier, Rome City, Wolcottville
  • Steuben County: Angola, Clear Lake, Fremont, Hamilton, Hudson, Orland
  • Whitley County: Churubusco, Columbia City, Larwill, south Whitley, Tri-Lakes

Contact us today to schedule your next fireplace or chimney services!

We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Northern Indiana. For more information about our service area or to schedule your next fireplace or chimney services, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

Reasons To Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Most homeowners understand the basics of dryer care, such as cleaning out the lint trap after use. While this is an important part of preventing dryer fires, there is one space it can be difficult to reach lint buildup – in the dryer vents.

Why do dryer vents need to be cleaned?young woman taking clothing out of the dryer

The same lint that accumulates in the lint trap can begin building up in the dryer vents over time. If not removed, this lint can begin to clog dryer vents, impact dryer performance, and significantly increase the risk of a dryer fire.

Lint and other debris in the dryer vents can cause narrowing that constricts air flow; as little as half an inch of accumulation in a four-inch dryer vent can reduce airflow by up to 50%. To compensate for the reduced airflow, the dryer produces hotter and hotter air. This superheated air can ignite the highly flammable lint, causing a dryer fire that can quickly spread beyond the laundry room and to the rest of your home.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 house fires are caused by clogged dryer vents in the United States each year. These fires endanger lives and cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and property – and can often be prevented.

Reasons to have your dryer vents cleaned

Below are four of the many reasons to have your dryer vents cleaned.

1. Reduce the risk of fire
Professional dryer vent cleaning removes lint and debris from the entire vent system – not just from the lint trap. This significantly reduces the risk of an accidental dryer fire.

2. Preventative dryer maintenance
When dryer vents are clogged, additional wear and tear are placed on the appliance. As the dryer works harder to compensate for clogged vents, there is a higher chance of a breakdown occurring. The cost of repairs – or an entirely new dryer – is often more than the cost of a dryer vent cleaning.

3. Improved performance
Clogs can prevent humid air from escaping; this means that clothes often need more than one cycle to dry completely. Clean vents can help improve dryer performance by shortening dryer times and helping clothes dry faster. Likewise, having dryer vents cleaned can help prevent the damp, musty smells that can permeate the dryer – and clothes – when vents are clogged.

4. Lower energy bills
A dryer with clogged vents has to work harder in order to dry clothes; this uses more energy and can lead to increased energy bills. Electricity bills can also go up when running additional cycles is needed in order to get clothes totally dry. Having dryer vents cleaned can help the dryer operate more efficiently and lower energy bills.

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning today!

If your dryer is running sluggishly, don’t head to the store to pick out a new dryer. Instead, consider having your dryer vents cleaned to improve dryer efficiency – and significantly reduce your risk of a dryer fire. For more information about dryer vent cleaning or to schedule your next appointment, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

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