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Let The Pros At Clean Sweeps of Michigan Build Your New Chimney!

Have you been dreaming of adding a beautiful new stone or brick chimney to your home or business? Wake up and call Clean Sweeps of Michigan! We have a dedicated, skilled and highly educated team of masons that specialize in new chimney construction, and can get the job done quickly and properly.

Important Things To Consider:

  • Fuel/Appliance Type- Not all chimneys are designed to work in conjunction with all appliances or all fuel types. That’s why it’s important to consider whether you will want a stove, a fireplace or an insert, and whether your appliance will be wood-, gas- or pellet-burning.
  • Proper Clearance From Combustibles – One of the main reasons you should have your masonry chimney built by an experienced professional is that he or she will be familiar with codes and proper clearances from combustibles. If your chimney is built of improper thickness or isn’t designed to protect nearby wood and other combustibles within the home from the heat of a fire, you may end up with a beautiful but useless new chimney.
  • Flue Size – When you choose your new appliance, you want to be confident that it will burn as efficiently and as safely as it should. Unfortunately, if the chimney flue that is venting the appliance is too big or too small for it, you will experience all sorts of problems, including backdrafting smoke, carbon monoxide leaks, insufficient draft and more. A professional mason will know how to appropriately size both the chimney and its flue.
  • Materials – Are you looking to build your new chimney out of stone or brick? Not all stone and brick is designed to handle the abusive temperatures of a fire or the harsh and relentless weather. Do you know which materials can take the heat and give you the look you want? An experienced mason will be able to find a material that will meet your taste, durability and budget requirements.
  • Height – In order for your chimney to draft properly, it needs to not just be the highest point on your roof, but the highest point within a certain distance from your home. When a professional constructs your new chimney, he or she will take all of this into consideration and build your chimney to the appropriate height.
  • Style – Your home gives off a stylistic vibe, and you want your new chimney to fit with that vibe. With our expertise and all of the beautiful materials available, you can get a gorgeous chimney that’s built to enhance the look and function of your home for the long haul.

If you’ve been wanting to add value and enjoyment to your home or office with a new chimney and fireplace, you can count on the expert masons at Clean Sweeps of Michigan to give you the results you’re after at a fair price. In fact, we’ll beat any price of any other companies in our area offering the same high level of service. For a free consultation or to schedule your appointment, please give us a call at (517) 529-4453 or click here to schedule online!

Do you know if your chimney needs to be relined? Ask our experienced staff about this important chimney masonry service today.




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