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Clean Sweeps Of Michigan Can Take Care Of All Of Your Masonry Repair & Rebuild Needs

The materials used to construct masonry chimneys and fireplaces are designed to be durable and long-lasting. But truth is – time, moisture, use, and even the settling of your home can gradually cause your chimney to crack, crumble or deteriorate. And the problem with a deteriorating chimney isn’t just that it’s unsightly – it can also be a serious health and fire hazard.

Potential Problems Include:

  • Water Intrusion – With all of the rain, snow and temperature changes we experience in the mid-Michigan, northern Ohio and northern Indiana area, water damage can be a real threat. The freeze-thaw process can cause masonry to crumble and crack, and a chimney with cracks and decaying mortar isn’t able to effectively keep water at bay. In other words, if your chimney is cracking and crumbling, there’s a good chance that water will soon (if it hasn’t already) penetrate your chimney system and home, resulting in rust, corrosion, mold and even water-damaged ceilings and walls.
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke – When you light a fire in your fireplace, chances are you’re looking for rest, relaxation and warmth. But a damaged and cracking chimney can allow carbon monoxide (a byproduct of combustion) and smoke to enter your home and air supply instead of pulling these dangerous products up and out of the home.
  • Heat Transference – Just as cracks can allow smoke and carbon monoxide to seep out of the chimney, they can also allow high heat from a fire to exit the chimney. And it doesn’t take much for nearby combustibles to ignite and start a house fire.
  • Inefficiency – Everything costs money, so we’re willing to bet you don’t want to throw money away. Well, a chimney that isn’t in good working condition simply won’t operate as efficiently as it should. In other words, putting off chimney repairs isn’t really a cost-effective decision.

Firebrick Interior Fireplace burning couch and coffee table If your chimney is in need of repair or rebuild, it’s important that you have the work performed by someone with extensive knowledge of proper techniques and materials. Not all masonry materials are the same, and if the wrong materials or techniques are used, you could end up with a chimney that is even worse than before.

If it’s time to fix your chimney, you’ll want to call on trusted experts. The technicians at Clean Sweeps of Michigan offer full chimney masonry services and guarantee proper and professional results, no matter what services we are performing. Our master masons combine old methods with modern technology to solve even the toughest masonry problems and produce the most beautiful results.

Our Chimney Masonry Services Include:

Whether you need a little repointing or a full rebuild, our masonry experts have you covered! Want to hear the best news? All of our repairs come with a 1- year workmanship warranty, and many of our repairs carry a 10-year to lifetime warranty!

If you would like to schedule an appointment or a consultation, please give us a call at (517) 529-4453 or click here! With more than three decades of experience working with chimneys, Clean Sweeps of Michigan is the only call you need to make for chimney masonry repairs of all sizes.

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