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Do You Need To Have Your Chimney Relined? We Have Options!

When it comes to keeping your chimney operating at peak performance, there are few components more important than the chimney liner. But unfortunately, due to its placement in the heat of the action, the chimney liner can take quite a beating over time, rendering it ineffective or unsafe.

In the past, many chimneys were constructed without liners, but there’s ample evidence to show that an unlined chimney is a serious threat to the home and those living inside. Without a liner, you take the risk of having a house fire or falling victim to carbon monoxide or smoke-related health issues every time you light a fire in your fireplace.

What Does The Chimney Liner Do?

Your chimney liner serves multiple purposes, all of which ultimately allow you to safely enjoy a fire in your home. Here are its major job descriptions:

  • It protects the chimney walls and nearby combustibles from the high heat of fire.
  • It contains the smoke, gases and particles of combustion.
  • It encourages healthy draft, feeding oxygen to the fire and removing byproducts from your home.

How Do I Know If My Liner Is A Threat Or If I Need To Have My Chimney Relined?

If you have an older chimney, there’s a good chance your chimney is unlined or was lined with clay tiles. Although clay tiles have been known to be incredibly durable under extremely hot and gaseous conditions, it’s incredibly likely that your clay tiles have seen some wear and tear over the years. The only way to get an accurate assessment of your liner is to have a professional chimney sweep perform a Chim-Scan inspection.

Inserting a video camera into the chimney allows us to see the condition of the chimney from the ground up. As you can imagine, this camera gives us a much closer look than a flashlight and the naked eye. It also allows us to show you, the homeowner, exactly what condition your chimney liner is in.

What Are My Relining Options?

Should we discover that your chimney liner is missing or has seen better days, we have several options for relining and restoring liners. If your clay liner is missing mortar joints, we can make these small-scale repairs using a cerfractory product known as HeatShield®.

HeatShield® can also be used to fully restore and resurface a liner with more extensive damage. There is even a full relining option, in which a sleeve is placed between two layers of HeatShield®. To learn more about this amazing product and system, please click here.

HeatShield® isn’t the answer to all relining questions though! That’s why we also offer and install stainless steel liners and aluminum liners. Not all liners are able to withstand the byproducts of all fuel types, so it’s important to discuss your fuel of choice when considering a new chimney liner.

Call Clean Sweeps Of Michigan Today!

If you think your chimney liner may need a look, or if you’re unsure of its condition or even its existence, give the pros at Clean Sweeps of Michigan a call! We can perform an inspection and give you the insight and the peace of mind you need. Call (517) 529-4453 or click today!

Whether your chimney needs repointing, restoring or even rebuilding, we can provide the experienced help you need for these chimney masonry repairs.



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