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We May Be Able To Repair Or Resurface Your Flue With HeatShield®

For maximum safety and efficiency, it’s imperative that a chimney have a smoke-tight, smooth flue liner. Unfortunately, high heat, moisture and time can really compromise the condition and effectiveness of the chimney flue liner. Do you know what kind of condition your chimney liner is in?

With Clean Sweeps of Michigan, you don’t have to guess. We offer thorough, honest inspections, and can let you know exactly what condition your chimney liner is in. Using a closed-circuit camera, our technicians can get a 360 degree look at your chimney all the way from the firebox to the top of your flue. If we find that your flue liner is missing or in disrepair, we can suggest the most cost-effective solution, which in many cases, may be HeatShield®.

What Is HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is a cerfractory sealant product that can (in many cases) be used to repair or resurface a clay flue liner. In many cases, a liner isn’t necessarily damaged enough to warrant a complete rebuild, and a stainless steel liner may be financially out of the question. In these cases, you may want to consider HeatShield®.

The HeatShield® system can be used to repair missing mortar joints, fill in cracks, or resurface the entire flue. If your chimney inspection reveals widespread cracks, missing mortar joints and spalling flue tiles, a complete resurfacing may be recommended. If your flue liner is beyond repair or missing altogether, the HeatShield® sleeve relining system may be used to restore your chimney to peak safety and performance.

How it works

The HeatShield® material is applied with a custom-sized foam applicator that is placed just below the damaged area or at the bottom of the chimney. The applicator is pulled from the bottom to the top of the chimney, first applying a primer or “tie coat.” This cleans any dust and debris from the chimney. Next, the special cerfactory sealant is applied and spread evenly by the foam insert, filling the cracks and holes. Once the sealant has dried, the repair is inspected using a closed-circuit video camera.

Is HeatShield® Right For Me?

While HeatShield® is an excellent option for some chimneys, it is not the right choice for all chimneys or chimney repairs. Every chimney is unique and each repair project will have its own set of issues and challenges. Your Clean Sweeps of Michigan technician will do a thorough evaluation of your chimney and determine the product or service that is right for your home.  Call us at (517) 529-4453 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

There are different options for relining a chimney and we’re ready to discuss everything you need to know about this type of repair for your chimney masonry.



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