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Durable & Beautiful Chase Covers, Storm Collars & Custom Shrouds

The chase of the chimney refers to the structure through which your prefabricated chimney pipe runs. It is essentially a metal structure that serves the same function as the chimney stack of a masonry chimney.

But just like the stack of a masonry chimney requires a crown to keep it protected from rain, snow, sleet and debris, the chase of a prefabricated system needs a chase cover. Here at Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we carry a variety of stainless steel, copper and galvanized steel chase covers (with optional drip edge), for both single and multiple flue chimneys. All of our chase covers are American-made, and our stainless steel and copper options come with a Lifetime Warranty, which means you can count on them to last and last.

If you are going to replace a chase cover, it’s a good time to consider also replacing the storm collar. The storm collar goes over the opening where the chimney pipe exits the roof, and has one and only one job: to keep water out of your chimney! Think of the storm collar as part of the flashing system. Our storm collars come in stainless steel, 20 oz. copper or galvanized steel and are made in the USA.

Custom Shrouds will fit over the entire chase, and essentially serve the same purpose as a chimney cap. Shrouds keep your chase protected and keep critters out, but are not allowed in all areas, so be sure to check your local codes. Made in the USA, our shrouds come in copper and stainless and can be top mount or outside mount.

If you have any questions about our chase covers, storm collars or custom shrouds, please feel free to give us a call or stop by our store! Our experts can answer any questions you may have and can help you decide what you need for your chimney system.

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