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Look Into A New Fireplace Or Insert This Holiday Season

The holidays are a season for family and friends to gather together and celebrate. For many families, this includes spending time in front of a roaring fire. This year, make sure your home is holiday ready by looking into installing a new fireplace or insert!

Whether your current fireplace is out of date, has a fuel source you don’t like, or needs repairs that prevent you from using it, installing a new fireplace insert can help you enjoy your fireplace system again. With a wide variety of sizes and styles available at Clean Sweeps of Michigan, our staff can help you find the perfect insert for your home.

All About Inserts

Fireplace inserts are not a one size fits all fireplace! Modern inserts come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet both the heating needs of your home while still fitting in with your home’s décor. Likewise, inserts burning different fuel sources are available; whether you prefer pellets, gas, or traditional wood, it is possible to find an insert for your home. Inserts are able to burn safely and efficiently by using closed system combustion. Doing this minimizes fuel waste while maximizing heat production, making them one of most efficient fireplace options available.

Inserts can be installed as new fireplaces as well as in the place of an existing masonry fireplace or insert. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, installing an insert in the place of an existing open hearth masonry fireplace can help reduce energy bills – sometimes by as much as 40%.

Benefits of a New Fireplace Insert

A new fireplace insert is a cost-efficient way to upgrade your home and get the most out of your fireplace system. The following are three benefits of installing a new fireplace insert.

  1. Environmentally friendly. New fireplace inserts following the strict emissions requirements set by the EPA. This minimizes the smoke, particulate emissions, and other air pollution created by fireplaces. Minimal air pollution can make fireplace inserts a good option for families with members who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.
  2. Energy efficient. Fireplace inserts are extremely efficient due to their closed system combustion. This minimizes fuel waste while maximizing heat production; less heat is lost up the chimney and more is projected into the room. Inserts may in some cases even be more efficient than gas fireplaces.
  3. Variety of choices. Fireplace inserts are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and with various fuel sources. This means that families can find the perfect insert for their specific heating needs. Likewise, there are a number of different styles available ranging from sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional.

This holiday season, get ready to make memories around the fireplace with a new insert for your home. For more information on fireplace inserts and how to get a new insert installed in your home before the holidays arrive, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

Improve Fireplace Efficiency With a Wood or Gas Insert

Few things can beat the ambiance created by a beautiful masonry fireplace. Unfortunately, few things are also as inefficient; masonry fireplaces are the most energy inefficient heating appliances available today, with as much as 90% of the produced heat going straight up the chimney. Improve Fireplace Efficiency With a Wood or Gas Insert IMG- Ann Arbor MI- Clean Sweeps of Michigan-w800-h597

Luckily, there is a way for homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of a crackling fire – without the energy inefficiency of a masonry fireplace. A new fireplace insert can be installed into your existing masonry fireplace, drastically improving efficiency. Below are just four of the many reasons why you should consider having a fireplace insert installed in your home.

1.    Improve efficiency

Open hearth masonry fireplaces are extremely inefficient, with the majority of the heat created by fires being lost up the chimney. Unfortunately, this inefficiency can also translate directly to higher energy costs; heated and cooled air from your home can also escape up the chimney. Because inserts burn using closed system combustion there is a much lower chance of energy loss. This increased efficiency can save money and reduce your heating and cooling costs; according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association, installing a fireplace insert into a masonry hearth can reduce energy bills by up to 40%.

2.    More flexibility in fuel choices

Whether you prefer the look and feel of wood, the convenience of gas, or something else entirely, fireplace inserts are available with many different fuel sources. This gives homeowners the freedom to find the fireplace and fuel source that best meets their heating needs.

3.    Avoid potential costly repairs

If your fireplace has been damaged from moisture, the elements, or overuse, it may no longer be able to burn safely. However, you may be able to continue using your fireplace – with few to no expensive repairs. Fireplace inserts can sometimes be used as a way to prevent masonry repairs; as the insert is installing directly into an existing fireplace, any firebox damage does not need to be repaired.

Inserts can do more than just replace a damaged firebox – they can also be used to improve the structural stability of the chimney system. However, because the same chimney and venting system are used for both masonry fireplaces and inserts chimney repairs may need to be done.

4.    Better for the environment

All modern inserts must be certified by the EPA. This means that all inserts undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the smallest amount of smoke and particulate emission is released as possible. For this reason inserts may be better for the environment – and your family. Those suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies may benefit from a home with a fireplace insert.

Installing a new fireplace insert can help improve the efficiency of your existing fireplace system. For more information on the benefits of installing an insert in your home, contact the fireplace experts at Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

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