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Re-Positioning Your Dryer Vent

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A home remodel or purchase of a new washer and dryer that require a differently configured laundry room can mean re-positioning the dryer vent. In that event, homeowners are strongly encouraged to let a certified chimney sweep or other venting professional handle the job. Far too important to home safety to attempt without professional help, the dryer vent’s inspection, cleaning, and proper re-positioning is not a good DIY project.

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Dryer vents are a top source of house fires even when their clearances are correct and the proper type of venting is in place. Lint builds up inside them, or critters make their way in, and trapped heat causes something to catch fire. The dangers are exponentially increased when there are problems with the integrity of the venting itself.

Things Change

Both dryers and vents are different today than they were when anything but a brand new home was built. Both are fast changing, as manufacturers keep up with consumer demands and municipal codes, and existing venting might not be appropriate for a new dryer. Furthermore, if it is being moved anyway, it is both a good time to clean it and a good chance to consider more direct venting.

Many dryer vents run complicated routes from the dryer to the outdoors, making right-angle turns that involve joints. Those corners are where things like to pile up, so if a straighter run out of the house is possible, the dryer vent is safer. Additionally, the type of venting used needs to be a good match with the load placed on it in order to last.

Getting It Right Means Safety and Savings

Pulling the dryer away from the wall and thoroughly vacuuming around it is something for homeowners to regularly do themselves. Repositioning a dryer vent is not, since there is little point in moving it somewhere without maximizing its efficiency at the same time. Homeowners will not only be amazed by what professionals pull out of their vents, but will also be impressed by the energy savings with proper venting.