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Why Do You Need A Chase Cover Or A Storm Collar?

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There are a number of different parts and components that your chimney needs to function properly. Do you have a manufactured or prefabricated chimney? If so, two components your chimney might need are a storm collar or a chase cover.

What is a storm collar?

A storm collar is a flexible metal ring that is used to seal around the chimney pipe as it passes through the roof-line. Storm collars are found on both manufactured chimneys, as well as stoves. Surrounding the chimney pipes around the flashing, the storm collar also features screws and tabs. These can be used to tighten the collar to perfectly fit each chimney. This creates a watertight seal that keeps moisture from affecting the roof or the chimney pipe.

Storm collars have angled design that prevents rain, snow, and other water from seeping down the sides of a chimney pipe. The angle redirects moisture away from the chimney and safely onto the roof. While the storm collar protects the roof and chimney from moisture, flashing is still needed to prevent leaks. The flashing and storm collar work together to prevent leaks and protect your home against water damage.

What is a chase cover?

A chimney chase is used to surround and protect the flue pipes of a prefabricated chimney system. Chases can be built using the same siding and materials as the exterior of your home to create a seamless finish; likewise, contrasting masonry or stone can be used to make a chimney chase pop and add unique curb appeal to your home.

The top of the chimney chase is known as the chase cover. Made of metal such as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel, the chase cover seals the top of the chase and protects it from moisture, debris, animals, and more. Chase covers are slightly angled and are designed with a slight overhang over the edge of the chimney chase; this prevents moisture from pooling on the chase cover, redirecting it to the roof where it can safely drain. Chase covers can rust or be damaged over time due to improper maintenance or regular wear and tear.

Do I need a chase cover or a storm collar?

Whether your home requires a chase cover or a storm collar will depend on the type of prefabricated chimney system or stove your home has, as well as what is currently being used to protect the chimney against moisture and the elements. A chimney will not require both a storm collar and a chase cover; if your home has a chimney chase it does not need a storm collar. However, if there is no chimney chase surrounding the flue pipe a storm collar is required.

Both storm collars and chase covers protect your prefabricated chimney or stove against the elements; a certified chimney sweep can help you understand which chimney component is best for your home. For more information on storm collars and chase covers, contact the expert sweeps at Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!