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The Importance Of Reviewing Your Chimney Sweep

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Have you recently hired Clean Sweeps of Michigan to sweep, inspect, or repair your fireplace system? Did you shop with us to find a new fireplace, insert, or stove for your home? If so, we ask that our customers take a few minutes to review our service! While it may seem unimportant – or even a minor inconvenience – reviewing your chimney sweep is beneficial to your chimney sweep, your friends and neighbors in the community, and even your future services!

Why reviewing your chimney sweep is important

Writing a review of your chimney sweep only takes a few minutes, but can help your friends and neighbors find the best service possible. The following are three reasons why reviewing your chimney sweep is important.

  1. Help others find the right chimney sweep. Most people now search for services, including chimney sweeps, online. Leaving a detailed review of your services can help others find the right chimney company. Likewise, writing reviews can also help other community members avoid chimney sweeping scams.
  2. Help the business improve. If there was a way your service could have been better, writing a detailed and constructive review can help the company improve service in the future. Likewise, if you had an outstanding experience a 5-star review can help ensure your chimney sweep gets recognition for his work.
  3. Help small business thrive. Small businesses grow and thrive off of word of mouth; writing a review for a small business is like giving your recommendation to your friends and neighbors!

Leaving a constructive review

A well-written review can help future customers make a decision on who to hire – as well as help the business recognize areas of outstanding service or how they could improve in the future. The following three tips can help you write a thorough, constructive review of your chimney sweep services.

  1. Avoid writing when upset. If you’ve had bad service, it can be tempting to immediately write a scathing review online. Instead, try contacting the company directly first; most businesses will do whatever they can to correct and resolve the situation. After doing this, write a review detailing the original problem – as well as how the company responded; waiting until your emotions have cooled down can allow you to write a more objective, constructive review.
  2. Include specific details. Include specific details in your review to provide a context for the service you received. What season was your appointment in? Who was your chimney sweep? Was he on time and courteous? Were all of your questions answered? Was the estimated cost close to the final bill? Providing specific examples and information paints a thorough picture of the service you received.
  3. Avoid errors. Many people skim over reviews that are riddled with errors. To make sure your opinion is heard, double check a review for grammatical or spelling mistakes before posting it. Typing a review in a word processing program first can help you spot any errors before posting.

At Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we value feedback from our clients.