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Common Masonry Repairs

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If you want to see just how bad a neglected chimney can get, check out our Chimneys Gone Wild gallery. Don’t let your chimney show up here! Call us today and schedule an inspection and sweeping.

If you want to see just how bad a neglected chimney can get, check out our Chimneys Gone Wild gallery. Don’t let your chimney show up here! Call us today to schedule an inspection and sweeping.

Notice how the bricks on the walls of your chimney deteriorate over time? This is normal and yes, it is bound to happen at some point. Your chimney masonry, after having been exposed to different and even severe weather conditions and temperature extremes for a long period of time, will eventually have cracks and damages. This is unavoidable.

However, there is always a remedy for it. Clean Sweep and Air Ducts of Michigan would like to tell you more about your masonry, what the common repairs are, and why there is a need for these repairs.

Why is there a need for masonry repairs?

First of all, your roof and the brick walls of your chimney are prone to damages due to temperature and weather changes. This means that all the heat, freezing and especially thawing will make it really hard for these walls to keep standing. There may even be times when there are unexpected natural events like storms and earthquakes that will also contribute to deterioration and damage.

Second, your masonry needs repair because of water and moisture. It’s the biggest enemy of chimneys because it is the precursor of many chimney related problems like molds, water damage, and many more. Not only will it affect your pockets, it also affects your health.

What are these repairs?

  1. The first common repair is brick replacement or restoration. This is done by carefully assessing the condition of the bricks and seeing to it that broken bricks are replaced. In some instances, we have to completely rebuild the entire structure and make up a new one. Sometimes, only a little repair with the bricks is needed on some parts and not the whole structure. This is called the repair or rebuild service.
  2. There is also what we call tuck pointing. This is the process of removing mortar in masonry joints that is damaged or deteriorating and replacing or adding new mortar to those joints. Old chimneys used to have mortar made of weaker materials. But today, new components for mortar are made to be strong and long-lasting.
  3. We also have chimney crown restoration. When your chimney crown begins to crack and spalling happens, you can apply a crown coat. This is a flexible sealant which serves as a protective covering for the crown so that water cannot get through it. However, if the damage is extensive, the best thing to do is to build a new chimney crown.
  4. Lastly, we have the chimney flashing repairs. This is done by replacing the flashing. If the flashing is not fixed, it can cause water leaks in your home and eventually lead to more damages.

To avoid the possibility of your chimney falling into pieces, make sure to have your annual chimney inspection and sweeping so that your chimney will stay in good condition whether in use or not in use.

When you have all of these done, it will definitely strengthen your chimney and delay deterioration. We and our masonry professionals, duly certified by the CSIA, have been serving the people of Mid-Michigan, Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana for quite some time now and we’ve since been dubbed as Michigan’s Best Chimney Company. We always give our very best because we know you deserve it! So call us if you need help with your chimney.