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An Explanation of Chimney Inspections

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Anyone who is planning to use their fireplace to heat their home by burning wood or gas logs should have the chimney inspected. A well-used fireplace should be inspected once a year, preferably just before the cold season in late fall. If the fireplace is only periodically used, it is imperative that it be checked every season for safety reasons.

Chimney inspections explained
  • Soot – When a chimney is used, the smoke and ash that go up it creates soot that builds up on the inside of it. This can accumulate quite quickly when a chimney has been used for a long period  of time, regularly clogging the chimney. When one uses a clogged chimney, there is potential for fires or downdrafts that can be damaging.
  • Debris – Another issue with chimneys is that when they are not used, debris such as leaves or other material can collect inside. This debris can also be harmful and can clog the chimney or catch on fire when it is in use, which can also be damaging. Even a ball that the children play with can be thrown high enough to be caught up in a chimney.
  • Birds – Finally, birds have been known to roost in chimneys and to build their nests in them and again, this debris can clog it up. The homeowner may never even know the birds are living in their chimney until there is a fire. When the fire is being inspected is when they find out and then it is too late to do anything about it.

All of the above reasons are why it is vital to have your chimney inspected each year to ensure that there is nothing clogging it.  Another reason is to ensure that there are no cracks or any damage that can cause a downdraft.  A chimney sweep can remove any debris and soot as well as check the chimney for any damage.