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Wood Stoves Manufactured Before 1990 Are Inefficient

Wood Stoves Manufactured Before 1990 are Inefficient - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MichiganAlthough some people see them as old fashioned, wood stoves are a beautiful and popular heating appliance. Whether you use it as your homes primary heat source or as a supplementary heater, wood stoves create a warm and comfortable home with all of the charm of a wood burning fire. One of the biggest appeals of wood stoves is that they can last for decades without needing to be replaced. However, even if your old wood stove is still in good condition, you may want to consider upgrading to a modern, more efficient appliance. Many older wood stoves, especially those built before 1990, are inefficient. Modern EPA certified wood stoves, however, burn fuel much more efficiently while also minimizing particulate emissions and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the stove.

Wood stoves and EPA certifications

While wood stoves are gaining popularity in suburban areas, they have been a staple heating method in cabins and other homes in rural areas for years. However, most older stoves were built to create heat, not protect the environment; because of this, the EPA created regulatory emission requirements for wood stoves. All newly produced wood stoves are required to meet the EPA certification requirements. This means that the smoke and particulate emissions must be at or below the allowable limit. These certifications help make your stove more efficient while also protecting the air quality in your area.

Why having an EPA certified stove matters

Because wood stoves can last for decades with regular maintenance, many homeowners are reluctant to spend the money to replace a “perfectly good” stove. However, it many cases the benefits of a newer, modern stove far outweighs the costs. The primary benefit of purchasing a new wood stove is their efficiency. Older and non-certified stoves can produce as much as 30 grams of smoke per hour. Comparatively, certified stoves create 2 grams or less in the same time. Likewise, newer stoves also create less particulate emissions, improving air quality for both your family and the surrounding community.

Is my current stove EPA certified?

Many homeowners with existing wood stoves wonder if their appliance is EPA certified. Instead of finding hours digging for an old manual or packaging material, it is surprisingly easy to find out if your stove is certified or not. All EPA certified stoves are clearly labeled with a tag stating their certification. This tag is typically found on the back of the stove. If you are unable to find the tag or the back of your stove is not easily accessible or visible, the EPA has created an ongoing list of stoves that have received their certification. While an EPA certification is an important indicator that you have an efficient stove, your appliance may also have additional certifications. Underwriters Laboratories and other groups provide safety certifications for stoves, fireplaces, and other appliances; stoves with certifications that address safety concerns may be more appropriate appliances for families with small children or pets.

If you love your wood stove but are ready to upgrade to a more efficient and environmentally friendly model, contact or stop by Clean Sweeps & Air Ducts of Michigan today. Our expert staff can help you find the right stove for your family that will keep you comfortable and warm all winter long.

Why Install a Wood Stove Today?

Wood Stove - Jotul F 45 - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MichiganWhen thinking about adding a new heating appliance to their home, many homeowners are quick to dismiss wood stoves, viewing them as outdated or old-fashioned. However, this could not be further from the truth!

Modern wood stoves are beautiful, efficient appliances that make an excellent primary or supplementary heating source. With a variety of sizes and styles available, now is the perfect time to consider switching to a wood stove. Below are a few of the many advantages of installing a wood burning stove in your home.

Save money of fuel

With the ever-rising prices of oil, natural gas, and electricity, burning wood [] may be one of the most cost effective ways to heat your home. Wood averages a lower price per BTU than any other fuel source.

In addition to saving money on fuel, using a wood stove for zone heating [] is another way to amass significant savings. Zone heating works by heating specific rooms at specific times, such as warming the kitchen and family room during the afternoon and evenings and the bedrooms at night. Doing this reduces your overall heating costs by not unnecessarily controlling the temperature in parts of the home that are not in use.

Keep warm – even when the power is out

Unlike some fireplaces or inserts, wood stoves do not require electricity to run. This means that they can continue to heat your home even if the power is out. Additionally, wood stoves are an excellent choice for families looking to go “off the grid” and not use electricity to heat their homes.

Wood stoves also help heat your home more efficiently than a traditional fireplace. With an open hearth, much of the heat ends up being lost up the chimney. With a wood stove, however, the fuel source is more efficiently burned and can better heat a room or an entire house. In addition, many wood stoves can be installed directly into an existing hearth, often needing only minor adjustments to the flue before use.

Reduce your carbon footprint

There are a number of ways that wood stoves are considered green energy sources. First, wood stoves use a renewable resource as their fuel source. In addition, firewood can be easily found in almost every part of the country, meaning you aren’t spending additional time or money driving around hunting for or shipping a fuel source.

In addition to using a renewable resource, modern wood stoves must also be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Certified wood stoves burn fuel efficiently and produce a minimal amount of particulate emissions and air pollution.

Add beauty and ambiance to your home

The addition of a wood stove is an excellent way to add beauty and ambiance to your home. Whether it will be used in a rustic cabin or a more modern living space, the wide variety of styles [] and sizes of wood stoves means there is an appliance for every home.

If you’re ready to add the warmth of a wood stove to your home, stop by or contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today! Our expert staff can help you find the wood stove that fits your budget, style, and heating needs.

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