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Heat your home more efficiently with a fireplace insert

Would you like to reduce your heating bills, improve your home’s indoor air quality, and reduce your environmental impact? A fireplace insert can do all three, along with improving the look and ambiance of your home.
Heat your home more efficiently with a fireplace insert - Ann Arbor MI - Clean SweepsA wood-burning, pellet, or gas insert for your fireplace can cut your home heating bills by as much as 40 percent, depending on what type of insert you choose, your home’s layout, and your region’s climate. Inserts also eliminate the fine particles that make their way into your home while an open-hearth fire is burning and greatly reduce the air pollution created by your fireplace.
If getting rid of your open-hearth fireplace is right for you, there are many home-heating options.

Wood-burning inserts maintain the traditional feel of a wood fire

If you enjoy the sights and sounds of wooden logs burning in a fireplace, a wood-burning insert might be right for you. You burn wood as you would in a traditional fireplace, but the inserts radiate heat from their glass doors and employ blowers to return heat from the fire to your home, rather than letting it escape up the chimney as it would with an open-hearth fireplace.
Most inserts are now EPA certified, and burn with 60 to 80 percent efficiency.

Pellet stoves decrease your environmental impact

Pellet stoves seem to the favorite type of home heating appliance among those looking to lessen their home’s environmental impact, and an insert can turn your existing fireplace into a pellet stove.
As the name suggest, pellet stoves burn tiny pellets made from compressed, dehydrated wood byproducts, such as shavings and sawdust. Some stoves burn biofuels, such as corn, cherry pits, or wheat hulls. Because the fuel for the stoves contains little moisture, the smoke contains fewer particles, and the fires burn hotter.
Pellet stoves still provide the smell of burning wood, and the ambient glow of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, but without the logs. They are also lower maintenance than a wood-burning fireplace, as the pellets can be purchased in 40 pound bags, and once the stove’s pellet tray is loaded, the fire can burn for more than 16 hours without needing to be reloaded.

Gas stoves provide convenience

If you enjoy the glow and warmth of a fireplace, but too often your hearth remains empty because you don’t want to deal with the hassle of building and maintaining a fire, and constantly cleaning ashes out of your fireplace, a gas insert could be the heating appliance you’re looking for.
With a gas fireplace insert, you can enjoy a roaring fire at the push of a button or the flip of a switch. Many gas fires mimic the look of wood-burning fireplaces very convincingly, and you don’t have to clean the ash box when you’re done enjoying your fire.
Natural gas or propane also are extremely efficient and provide little air pollution when burned in an efficient fireplace insert.

Upgrade now to save this winter

If you’re interested in using your open-hearth fireplace to lower your heating bills, the experts at Clean Sweeps and Air Ducts of Michigan can help you select your fireplace insert today. Call 734-668-4780 to schedule an appointment!

How Often Is Firebox Replacement Necessary

When most people purchase a home, firebox replacement is not something they expect to deal with anytime soon. It is true that some homeowners live in their houses for years and never need to replace it. However it can be dangerous to leave the original fireplace insert without proper maintenance.

Firebox Replacement - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MI

Over time, a person may notice that their firebox is visibly cracked. This can cause significant damage to the home if smoke and other chemicals are allowed to leak out. If there are noticeable cracks in the firebox, it may be time for repairs or, in some cases, an entirely new firebox.

Even if there are no visible cracks, it may be a good idea to take a closer look. Try scraping the outside of the firebox and see if any pieces crumble or fall off. If they do, it may be evidence of water damage or other serious issues. Anyone who suspects that they have this type of a problem should call a professional to take another look.

Having an annual fireplace inspection is a good idea even if there is no reason to believe that there is a problem. A professional inspector may be able to see signs of an impending issue and take care of them before they snowball. The average homeowner may think that they can easily identify any issues with their fireplace, but they could very well miss something vital.

Replacing the firebox may not be necessary as some issues can be solved with simple repairs. To avoid getting in a potentially hazardous and expensive situation, have the fireplace inspected by a trained professional every year. At the first sign of an issue, have someone with a trained eye come take a look and assess the situation. This is the best way to maintain the overall health of the fireplace.

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