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Trust Us With Your Annual Chimney Sweeping

While sweeping out ash from the firebox or removing smudges from glass doors might make your fireplace look cleaner, professional maintenance is required in order to keep your fireplace burning safely and efficiently. An annual chimney sweeping is the best way to keep your fireplace in excellent condition year after year.

The importance of yearly chimney maintenanceTrust us for your annual chimney sweeping

We take time each year to schedule maintenance for our furnaces, HVAC systems, vehicles, and more. Our chimneys are no different; they need regular, annual maintenance in order to continue to operate safely and efficiently. Without regular maintenance, chimneys are at risk of performance problems, interior or exterior damage, and chimney fires.

According to National Fire Protection Association Standard 211, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.”

The CSIA, or Chimney Safety Institute of America also recommends that homeowners have their chimney swept and inspected by a certified chimney sweep at least once per year. Sweepings should also be done any time 1/8th of an inch of soot accumulates in the flue; this amount of buildup is typically seen after one full cord of wood has been burned. If you burn more than a cord of wood in a single season, it may be beneficial to schedule an additional mid-winter chimney sweeping.

What to expect during a chimney sweeping

To ensure the safety of your chimney technician, please stop using your fireplace or stove at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Expect your Clean Sweeps of Michigan chimney sweep to arrive on time and act in a courteous, respectful, and professional manner in your home.

During the chimney sweeping, our CSIA certified chimney sweeps use brooms, brushes, and a variety of other tools to remove soot, ash, and creosote  from the flue. A chimney inspection may be performed at the same time as the sweeping; inspections are an important tool and can help identify signs of damage or deterioration in the fireplace or chimney.

Trust a certified chimney sweep with your chimney safety

While anyone with a brush and a truck can call themselves a chimney sweep, only a small number of professionals have completed the education and training necessary to earn certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. At Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are proud to employ CSIA certified chimney sweeps; this ensures our customers receive the very best in safety and service from our chimney technicians. Since 1980, we have proudly been providing fireplace and chimney services to our friends and neighbors in Mid-Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio.,

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Regular chimney maintenance by a certified chimney sweep is the best way to extend the life of your fireplace system. For more information on how to keep your fireplace burning safely and efficiently or to schedule your next chimney sweeping, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

What You Will Get From A CSIA Certified Sweep

Although they are built to last, chimneys, fireplace systems, and other heating appliances do require a certain amount of annual maintenance to continue working their best. When choosing a company to complete this work, many homeowners are often tempted to go with the least expensive company rather than the company with the most experience.

CSIA Certified Sweeps - Ann Arbor MI - Clean SweepsWhen selecting a company to sweep and clean your fireplace and chimney, it is important to find a business with CSIA certified chimney sweeps. Unlike general contractors, handymen, or intrepid DIYers, these professionals have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure that they are among the most highly trained professionals in their field.

Why use a certified sweep?

Although many companies may be capable of completing work on a chimney system, homeowners should only trust CSIA certified chimney sweeps. The CSIA, or Chimney Safety Institute of America, is widely considered the top licensing organization for chimney sweeps and has over 1,500 certified chimney sweeps in North America. Because of this, it is easy to find a reputable, certified chimney sweep in your area.

By choosing a business that employs CSIA certified sweep, homeowners are guaranteed to work with professionals who have shown they are at the top of their field in expertise, knowledge, and training. Likewise, they will also be familiar with any new safety and technology innovations, and will also able to make sure that all chimneys, fireplaces, or other heating appliances are compliant with state and local building codes. Many certified sweeps also have received training in the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA standards for fireplaces, inserts, and stoves in order to ensure that these appliances are operating at maximum efficiency.

What does a certified sweep do?

During a typical cleaning, the primary duty of any chimney sweep is to remove any creosote buildup from the firebox and chimney structure. Creosote is an extremely flammable, sticky, and foul smelling byproduct created when wood is burned. Excessive creosote buildup is one of the major causes of chimney fires; because of this, it is important that homeowners have their chimneys thoroughly and professionally cleaned each year to ensure that these deposits are completely removed.

In addition to cleaning the firebox and chimney, a CSIA certified chimney sweep will also check the interior and exterior for any signs of deterioration, such as cracks, chipping, or damage to the masonry. Some sweeps may evaluate the efficiency of a fireplace system; this is particularly important for older heating appliances that may not meet current EPA standards. Lastly, CSIA certified chimney sweeps may check levels of carbon monoxide in the house when the fireplace is in use to make sure there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How do I choose the right company?

Finding a trustworthy chimney sweep company can sometimes be difficult. Because of that, the CSIA has provided homeowners a sample list of questions to ask prospective businesses to ensure they are getting the best service possible.

  • How long has your company been in the area?
  • Do you or your sweeps have liability insurance coverage for any possible damages?
  • Do you have any available customer references?
  • Will the sweep who works on my home be CSIA certified?

By asking these simple questions, homeowners can ensure that they are getting a trustworthy, highly knowledgeable professional to work on their home. If you’re ready to schedule a chimney sweeping with a local, reputable business, contact Clean Sweeps today!

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