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Our Partnership with Regency’s Green Initiative

At Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are dedicated to helping our customers use their heating appliances in environmentally friendly, sustainable ways. To support this, we are proud to partner with Regency Fireplace Products for their new green initiative! Regency strives to create heating appliances and products that allow homeowners to enjoy their fireplaces while lessening their carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact.

About Regency FireplacesRegency's Green Initiative - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of Michigan

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1979, Regency Fireplace Products has become a world leader in fireplace design and manufacture. Regency is dedicated to the four cornerstones of a great fireplace: beautiful aesthetics, clean and efficient burning, high quality, and good value.

Regency is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly fireplace products. The first way they do this is through ensuring all fireplaces, stoves, and inserts meet or exceed the emissions standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. These standards are designed to improve fireplace efficiency while also reducing particulate emissions, carbon dioxide, and smoke; this makes the air cleaner while fireplaces are in use.

In addition to meeting EPA standards, Regency fireplaces are designed to burn more completely; the special firebox design creates more air flow through the firebox, allowing the wood to burn more completely and reducing the amount of ash that is left behind. This reduces the amount of fuel that is needed – as well as making it easier to clean out the firebox. Likewise, Regency products create up to 50 times less smoke per hour than traditional wood heating appliances, improving air quality in and outside of your home.

Other ways Regency goes green

There are a number of ways that Regency strives to lessen their carbon footprint and create a green environment. First, Regency uses recycled materials in the workplace; this has allowed them to become a nearly waste-free business. This dedication to reducing waste extends through the manufacturing process. Their special manufacturing process is designed to maximize efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps and processes to ensure that there is as little waste as possible.

When new fireplaces and hearth products are shipped to retailers and consumers, biodegradable foam and bags are used. While traditional foam and packing materials can be environmentally hazardous and are not biodegradable, their special packing materials are both better for the environment while ensuring the products are not damaged during shipping.

In addition to creating environmentally friendly products and reducing waste in their office and manufacturing process, Regency is proactively helping the environment. For every Excalibur, Hampton, or Regency fireplace sold, Regency plants a tree. These trees can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in their atmosphere, aiding in reducing global warming, as well as the impact fireplaces, have on the atmosphere.

Our promise to go green!

Living and working in pure Michigan, Clean Sweeps of Michigan understands the importance of protecting our natural environment. Because of this, we are proud to partner with companies like Regency Fireplace Products who are as dedicated to going green as we are! For more information on Regency’s green initiative or to learn how you can make your fireplace more environmentally friendly, contact us  today!

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