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Our New Green Initiative with Regency Fireplace Products

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Clean Sweeps of MI is excited to announce a partnership with Regency, an environmentally proactive and protective fireplace product manufacturer. Regency values the ecosystem, and understands that there are things we can do now that will benefit us later. That is why they strive to lessen their carbon footprint, while helping you lessen yours.

Regency Green Initiative - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MI

Regency has made use of numerous recycled materials in the workplace, and is an almost entirely waste-free business. When shipping out products, they make use of biodegradable foam bags, as opposed to environmentally harmful, traditional packing materials. These foam bags guarantee that both product and environment are not harmed in the shipping process.

Regency also aims to minimize waste throughout the manufacturing process, by utilizing a proven efficiency-maximization system. With this system in place, unnecessary steps and processes are completely eliminated, and Regency can function at maximum efficiency.

Product-wise, Regency offers EPA approved wood products that burn clean and reduce carbon dioxide output. These products burn much more completely than other wood products, and leave virtually no ash behind. They also produce about fifty times less smoke per hour than traditional wood products. Regency also offers low-waste, high-efficiency fireboxes that have no negative effects on the environment whatsoever.

In addition to their preventative efforts, Regency believes in being proactive in protecting the environment. For this reason, they plant a tree for every Regency, Hampton or Excalibur product sold. With each tree that Regency plants, they help to decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a major factor in global warming.

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