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Don’t Forget Chimney Inspection When Buying A Home

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Fireplaces are consistently the most requested features for new home buyers. Homeowners are willing to pay the price to have one inside their home. While most buyers want a fireplace in their home, they lack the proper skills to evaluate it. Many home inspectors also lack the knowledge to spot problems associated with fireplace when buying a house. It is extremely important to have a chimney inspection performed by a certified professional before buying the new home. If you are looking for or if you have found your dream home, make sure to include a chimney inspection in addition to the home inspection. This will give you a peace of mind that your home’s fireplace is clean, safe, and ready to use.

The importance of chimney inspections for home buyers

Buying a home is an enormous investment. That is why we think it’s really important to ensure your entire home is in good condition before closing. Most buyers trust their home inspector to spot any potential problems. Only a few inspector have training regarding fireplaces and chimneys. Even thorough home inspections can fail to uncover serious safety or structural problems of a chimney system. When buying your new home, it is your right to request an inspection by an independent chimney sweep after under contract. While it is your responsibility to pay for this expense, an additional chimney inspection can help uncover any hidden fireplace or chimney problems. It can also help to identify repairs that need to be addressed before closing.

What if they already have the chimney inspected?

Many sellers include documentation from a chimney sweep as part of their disclosures about the home. If this is the case, buyers can still request a second independent chimney inspection. While a second inspection seem like an overkill, it serves as a confirmation of your findings in the original report or uncover potential hidden problems. If you have recently purchased a home, but you did not receive a report from a chimney sweep as part of the disclosures. It is extremely important to have the chimney system inspected before using your fireplace. In addition, to ensure there are no safety or structural problems with your chimney system, a preliminary inspection will help to give you a baseline to compare your chimney’s condition from year to year.

Sellers need inspections, too!

When preparing to sell your home, a chimney sweeping and inspection need be included on your to-do list before it goes on the market. Having a professional inspection before listing your home gives you a chance to identify repairs. It also reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises during home inspection. It is recommended to include a report from a licensed chimney sweep. This not only gives potential buyers a peace of mind about the fireplace system and reassure them their new home is safe.

Let us help!

Don’t be surprised or discouraged by a damaged chimney after closing your dream home. Instead, request a independent chimney inspection to ensure your new fireplace is safe, sound, and ready to use. For more information about chimney inspections for real estate, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today at 517-529-4453!