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What Are the Most Important Fireplace Accessories to Have?

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Without any doubt, the single most important fireplace accessory is a screen to prevent flyaway embers from escaping into the room. These can obviously cause fires and at best leave unattractive burn marks in carpet and on furniture too near the fire. A screen is generally included with glass doors, a common fireplace accessory.

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Glass fireplace doors are as important as they are popular. They not only improve the look of an old fireplace but also reduce heat loss from the home. Blowers can also be added to an existing fireplace. In combination with glass doors, they allow heated air to be blown out of the fireplace and into the room while the heat from the fire is retained behind closed doors. This is an extremely safe and highly efficient way to enjoy a fire.

A grate is another essential fireplace accessory. It should be about two-thirds of the width of your fireplace and half as deep. Placing logs on a grate will allow air to circulate better and encourage the fire to burn properly. A damper is equally important. It should be fully open when the fire is lit but can later be partially closed to prevent heat loss up the chimney.  If smoke is coming into the room, the damper needs to be opened more.  A little experimentation will produce the perfect aperture that allows maximum heating and correct ventilation.

Another fireplace accessory to consider is a fireback. Usually made from cast iron, this is a reflective metal sheet that is placed at the back of the fireplace to radiate the heat from the fire back into the room. This dramatically increases heat output.

Finally, the fireplace needs to be kept clear of ash. A small fireplace shovel and pail will do the trick, but homeowners can also consider placing an ash tray under the grate. These can be simple or decorative and allow for the easy removal of ash after every fire.