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Sprucing up Your Chimney for Spring

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Problems with chimneys only worsen with time, so the sooner you can correct them, the better. Sprucing up your chimney for spring should come as naturally as giving the whole house a thorough cleaning. That means sweeping the whole house, so do not forget about the chimney when it is time to freshen the air.

Spring Clean the Chimney - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps MI

More Than Just Fresh

The problem with waiting until fall for a good chimney cleaning is that your fires are no longer helping to keep it dry. That means the creosote deposits in it are getting damp, which means they are beginning to corrode the flue. Unlike your emerging flowers, creosote formation is something you want to nip in the bud.

Creosote also smells bad, so sprucing up your chimney is the only way to really achieve a fresh-smelling house. The point of so much expended energy for allergy sufferers and just house-proud owners, a spring cleaned house deserves an odor free chimney! Additionally, having the chimney inspected in spring gives homeowners time to attend to anything it needs.

Preparing for What’s Ahead

Migrating birds are just beginning to return, so a good strong chimney cap that they cannot lift off with their talons is important. Equally important is being sure it is capping a clean chimney already free of creosote, critters, nests, and debris. Similarly, before closing the damper to conserve energy when the fireplace is not in use, the flue should be clean and dry.

Water does more damage to chimneys than fire, so be sure you are keeping it out before you ‘close up’ the chimney. Chimney caps and crowns need to be in good condition and properly designed to send rain away from the flue and chase. Warm weather months are good ones for having professionals attend to tiny cracks in mortar around crowns and flashings. Spruce up your chimney along with the rest of the house in spring and this year, be prepared for what is coming.