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Fireplace Season Is Coming to a Close, So Get Your Fireplace Stains Removed!

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With warmer temperatures and longer days just around the corner, the winter burning season is drawing to a close. If you are preparing to close up your fireplace until next fall, now is the perfect time to have masonry smoke stains removed!

Unsightly masonry staining can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal or prematurely age your fireplace, turning a beautiful focal point into an unsightly eyesore. However, homeowners now have choices to clean their smoke stained masonry instead of resorting to painting the bricks or cleaning them using harsh, corrosive chemicals.

What causes masonry stains?

All wood-burning fires create soot, ash, and smoke. Unfortunately, these unavoidable byproducts of combustion can stain the masonry of the firebox, fireplace, and chimney.

Many older homes suffer from masonry staining as the result of years of soot buildup. This can occur both around the fireplace and at the top of the chimney. In newer homes, exterior chimney staining often indicates a venting problem. If the fireplace opening is too large for the flue, if a new insert has been installed, or if other modifications to the fireplace have been made, staining can occur. Interior fireplace staining, such as masonry stains directly above the firebox, is often caused by a single event; this can include an out-of-control fire, starting a fire when the damper is still closed, or the burning of unsuitable materials.

How to remove fireplace stains

In the past, many homeowners believed that there were only two ways to remove fireplace stains. You could either paint over the stained masonry or spend hours scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Instead of splashing on a coat of paint or spending the entire weekend with a bucket and a scrub brush, consider trying the Paint “N” Peel fireplace cleaner instead.

At Clean Sweeps of Michigan, we are proud to use SaverSystems Paint “N” Peel smoke removal products. This product removes smoke stains from masonry, without the use of harsh chemicals. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, applying Paint “N” Peel will not create harmful odors in your home while it is being used; this allows homeowners to go about their normal routines while the product works on their fireplace or chimney.

Paint “N” Peel is fast, easy, and effective at removing stains on a variety of materials; it can be used on brick, mortar, stone, marble, tile, slate, and concrete. The product is painted on to the stained masonry where it is then left to dry for 6-12 hours. It becomes elastic as it cures, allowing it to be easily peeled away without messy flaking. It can effectively remove years of soot, ash, and smoke staining and help restore your fireplace and chimney to their former glory!

With the burning season drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to consider having your fireplace and chimney restored. If your fireplace is in good working condition but lacks in the look department, it may be time to remove smoke stains using Paint “N” Peel products. For more information on smoke stain removal or the Paint “N” Peel products, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!