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Fireplace Resolutions

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2018 has arrived, and with the new year comes new year’s resolutions. This year, don’t just make plans to improve your health, fitness, or organization; think about creating a list of fireplace resolutions along with the rest of your goals for the new year!

Ideas for fireplace resolutions in 2018Fireplace Resolutions Image - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of Michigan

Looking for ways to get the most out of your fireplace system in 2018? Try setting fireplace resolutions! The following are just a few ideas for easy fireplace resolutions that you can set in 2018.

  • Use the fireplace more.
    Don’t let your fireplace fade into the background in a room. Instead, set a goal to use your fireplace more!
  • Regularly clean out the firebox.
    Many homeowners are surprised to learn they do not need to clean out the firebox after every fire. In fact, a one-inch layer of ash on the bottom of the firebox can make it easier to both build and maintain your next fire. However, fireboxes should still be regularly cleaned. Try removing at least some ash after each fire and fully clean the firebox at the end of the burning season.
  • Forward schedule maintenance.
    Do you struggle to remember to schedule your annual chimney sweeping or inspection? Try forward scheduling your next maintenance appointments; forward scheduling helps you set your next chimney appointment at the end of the current one, much like you would do at the dentist or doctor.

Tips for keeping your fireplace resolutions on track all year long.

Keeping resolutions – no matter what they are for – can be difficult. Follow these three easy tips to help you stay on track with your fireplace resolutions in 2018.

  • Keep track of your resolutions.
    Whether you set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals for your fireplace, keeping track of them using a calendar or spreadsheet can help you achieve them. If you’re trying to use your fireplace more, use special symbols to keep track of days it is used on your calendar. Likewise, many companies will schedule your maintenance appointments months in advance; this gives you flexibility in appointment times – and one less thing on your to-do list.
  • Set realistic expectations.
    If you only used your fireplace a handful of times last year, setting a goal of using it at least once per week in 2018 may not be realistic. Making realistic goals makes them more achievable – and leaves you less likely to feel frustrated or discouraged.
  • Don’t give up entirely.
    While regular maintenance is important in making sure our fireplace burn their best, missing a few month’s of cleaning or rescheduling a chimney sweeping are unlikely to have a major impact on fireplace performance. Even if you don’t meet your usage or maintenance goals, don’t give up entirely; stay committed and enjoy getting the most out of your fireplace system the rest of the year!

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When setting goals for the rest of the year don’t forget about your fireplace! While it may seem silly, setting fireplace resolutions can help you get the most out of your fireplace system. For more ideas on fireplace resolutions or to schedule your next maintenance appointment, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today.