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Fire and Candle Safety

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Candles complete any dinner party, from pot lucks with friends to romantic dinners for two. They create an ambience that can be either warm and inviting for casual get-togethers or soft and shadowy for romantic evenings. They are essential to have in the household emergency kit, in event of power outages that do not involve gas. They send lovely aromas into the air and provide pretty little nightlights.

Candle Safety - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MI

Never Leave Candles Burning Unattended

It does not matter how stable they seem or how far away the flame is from flammable things; well, those things matter, but – never walk away from lit candles. They are easy enough to re-light, and they can cause a world of pain for you and your family. Blow them out before you walk away, even if you think you are coming right back.

Everyone is leading busy lives; cell phones are buzzing, texts are flowing in, kids’ plans are changing, dogs need to be fed. That lovely break is over and you are back into a million things. Soon enough, that burning “aromatic-therapy candle” is forgotten. Now it is sitting there lit, and the dogs come first so the cat is restless, and…. on and on it goes.

There Goes The Candle

It is just not worth risking; with kids and pet tails and breezes through open windows, lit candles pose huge fire safety dangers. It is almost laughable that many of us are thinking about chimneys and clothes dryers and scheduling sweeps to do professional cleanings. Generally careless with candles, all of us sometimes fail to fully appreciate their dangers and make those services even more necessary.

Be present when using your candles, and make sure you do not have a tragedy occur simply because you forgot about a candle. Give us a call if you would like more fire prevention information.