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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Top Dampers

When it comes to evaluating how well a fireplace can heat your home, efficiency is often the name of the game. While adding fireplace doors, using a fan, or even installing a new fireplace insert can help improve efficiency. However, one of the best – and most overlooked – ways to help make your fireplace more energy efficient is by installing a top sealing damper!

Throat dampers vs top sealing dampers

damper humorMost fireplaces have a throat damper. This kind of damper is in the “throat” of the chimney; it is a metal plate that separates the firebox from the rest of the flue. Throat dampers are opened and closed using a chain or lever when the fireplace is in use. The rest of the flue is open to the outside even when a throat damper is closed. This is to keep animals, moisture, and debris out of your chimney flue.

Top sealing dampers serve the same purpose as a traditional throat damper, but they do it in a different way. Instead of sitting in the throat of the chimney, top sealing dampers are installed on the top of the chimney structure in place of the chimney cap. This seals the entire flue off from outside. It works to protect the inside of your chimney from moisture, animal entry, and debris.

Benefits of top sealing dampers

A top sealing damper might seem like an unnecessary upgrade for your fireplace system. However, it helps to improve fireplace performance – as well as increase the safety and efficiency of your fireplace. The following are three benefits of installing a new top sealing damper.

  1. Increased energy efficiency – Traditional throat dampers leave the flue open to the outside world. In many homes, this affect the air temperature in rooms surrounding the chimney. Rooms near the chimney is colder in winter or hotter in summer as the flue is open to the outside. Installing a top sealing damper seals off the entire chimney and your home to the outside world. This helps to lower heating and cooling costs as HVAC systems run less.
  2. Improve safety – Top sealing dampers reduce the risk of moisture, debris, and animals getting inside your chimney. This is especially helpful in areas with lots of trees or nesting animals. A top sealing damper prevents leaves and branches – or animals wanting to nest – from entering your chimney. Even small blockages of debris in the flue can increase the risk of accidental chimney fire, prevent proper venting, or cause backups of smoke and gas such as carbon monoxide in the home.
  3. Start fires easier in the winter – When the air temperature outside differs significantly from the temperature in your home, it can be difficult to start a fire. If the air in the flue is too cold when starting a fire, smoke and gas can blow back into your home instead of venting up and out of the chimney. Top sealing dampers help regulate the air temperature in the flue by sealing it off from the outside; this helps make it easier to start fires in the winter!

Top sealing dampers decrease your energy bills and increase the safety and efficiency of your fireplace system! What a wonderful invention! For more information about installing a top sealing damper in your home, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today!

Don’t Forget Your Dryer Vents!

Why It Is Good to Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Is your dryer taking more time circling around but not actually performing the task of drying your clothes? Do you also hear banging noises inside your dryer? Does it heat up more quickly that it should? If you notice these things happening in your dryer, it only means that it’s time to have them inspected and cleaned.  We at Clean Sweep & Air Ducts of Michigan Company are here to help.

Dirty dryer vents can and do cause house fires. They also waste time, money and energy.

Dirty dryer vents can and do cause house fires. They also waste time, money and energy.

Most homeowners pay little attention to their dryer, other than cleaning the lint out periodically. We just expect it to do its job. Unfortunately…just like everything else, all appliances require maintenance. Before you start shopping for a new dryer, you should have the vents cleaned to see if this eliminates the issue.

Failing to routinely have your vents cleaned puts you at risk for possible house fires.  The National Fire Protection Association reported that in 2010, 16,800 structures and properties were destroyed by fire, due to clogged or blocked dryer vents. Simply said, you may lose much all because you did not take the time to have your vents cleaned – something I’m sure you wouldn’t want to happen, right?

So here are the advantages of having your dryer vents cleaned:

It saves money

The more time spend in drying clothes, the more money you contribute to your electric bill. Yes, it can unnecessarily drain your budget if this cycle goes on for months at a time. Also, having your vents cleaned may mean not having to invest in a new appliance.

It saves time

Since your vents are clean and unclogged, tendencies are, drying is done much more quickly and this means more time for you. While doing the laundry, you can do other things without having to worry about your dryer not functioning well. Saving money and saving time; that alone is worth it.

It prevents fire

To top it all off, because all is well and good inside and outside your dryer vents, you minimize the chances of fire due to your dryer. This gives you the assurance that you are doing all within your power to care for your home and family.

Our certified technicians are here and ready to answer any questions you might have. Let us help you find peace of mind.

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