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Say Goodbye to Hearth Stains with Paint N Peel

Fireplaces can add charm and character to any home; many older or historic houses have beautiful, stately fireplaces that are the focal points of the home. However, dirty or discolored masonry can turn a focal point into an eyesore.

Many times, stained masonry does not reflect problems with fireplace performance or efficiency. Despite this, dirty interior masonry can affect how homeowners feel about – and how often they use – their fireplace.

Cleaning fireplace masonry used to involve hours of scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Now, homeowners have an alternative with Chimney Saver Paint “N” Peel fireplace cleaner. This fast and easy to use product can help restore original masonry in less time – and with less elbow grease.

How Paint “N” Peel worksSay goodbye to stained fireplaces with Paint N Peel

The Paint “N” Peel  process is easy and involves minimal disruption to your day to day life. The fireplace technician begins by applying a thick coat of Paint “N” Peel using special brushes. After application, it is left to cure and dry for 6-12 hours.

Because harsh chemicals and solvents are not used in Paint “N” Peel, there is no need to worry about leaving your home or avoiding the living room or hearth room after it has been applied. The product is environmentally friendly and has no unpleasant odor; this allows you to go about your normal routine without the air quality being affected.

As Paint “N” Peel dries, it forms a thick film. This can be easily peeled away from the brick after the product has completely cured. As it is peeled away it takes away years of staining from smoke, ash, and soot, leaving behind masonry that is restored to its former beauty. While mostly used on interior masonry, Paint “N” Peel can also be used on chimney exteriors as well as other masonry structures.

What sets Paint “N” Peel apart

Removing stains from masonry used to involve buckets of harsh chemicals, hours of scrubbing, or being forced to paint over the original bricks. Harsh solvents often affect the air quality in your home; many need hours of setting time, require windows and doors to be opened to increase airflow, or leave behind lingering odors that affect air quality. Likewise, painting over the brick cannot be undone; while this covers the staining, paint also permanently alters the original brick.

Many homeowners try to clean exterior masonry using a power washer. While this is often able to remove stains, it can cause significant damage to the masonry. The combination of water pressure and moisture can cause cracks and holes to form in the masonry, leading to potential long-term damage. Paint “N” Peel is an easy to use, non-damaging alternative to other masonry cleaning methods.

If the masonry of your fireplace is stained, there are alternatives to painting the brick or resorting to caustic cleaners. For more information on how Paint “N” Peel can remove stains from your fireplace or chimney, contact Clean Sweeps of Michigan today.

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