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Changing Your Oil-Stove to a Wood Stove

The conversion of a stove to allow for the use of a different fuel is possible but complicated and requires involvement by professionals. Some of what they do is necessary anyway, so if a change is on your mind, consultation can be part of this spring’s chimney inspection. Your sweep can tell you the feasibility of your plan and what you need to do, given your own unique circumstances.

Wood Burning Stove - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of MI

Venting Is Still the Issue

First, a CSIA certified chimney sweep needs to inspect your venting system to determine whether it can handle the conversion or will need to be changed itself. Stacks designed to vent smoke from oil are not necessarily equipped to handle the different combustibles produced by wood. Second, if the flue can stay, it has to be thoroughly cleaned, and the chimney has to be in good condition regardless.

A different firebox will almost certainly be required, and your chimney sweep should be involved with that, too. It needs to be sized properly for the flue to vent the different gases produced by burning wood. Insufficiencies that may not be apparent in a stove’s oil-burning performance can show up when the smoke going up it is different.

Ask a Chimney Sweep

Certified chimney sweeps are also familiar with the ease or difficulty of new installations and can guide your understanding of their likely expense. They are up to date on clearances and codes and can be a valuable source of information needed for this conversion. They need to come out and check your system anyway, so take full advantage of everything they can offer.

Another important thing to consider in this process is where the wood is going to be stored. The right balance of convenience and safety has to be struck, with wood kept far enough away from the house to be safe. Even this kind of thing is worth discussing with a chimney sweep, because they will have plenty of ideas on how to make your home and stove safer.

Contact a Chimney Sweep for Fireplace Recommendations

Choosing the right fireplace is more complicated than many homeowners realize, involving considerations of size and materials along with style and function. The efficiency and durability of the fireplace is at stake, so it is best to consult a chimney sweep. These professionally trained and certified individuals know more about fireplaces and codes than any homeowner possibly could.

Recommending a Fireplace - Ann Arbor MI - Clean Sweeps of Michigan

To decide on a fireplace without seeking the advice of a chimney sweep is like choosing a medication without consulting your doctor. Your safety and health are ultimately at risk, so make the call and schedule a chimney sweep to come take a look at your house. The recommendations he can give you will prove time saving, cost effective, and invaluable in terms of air quality and overall performance.

A chimney sweep will correctly determine the size that your fireplace opening needs to be in order to maximize its efficiency. Improper sizing results in poor drafting, leaving smoke in the room and causing hazardous gases to remain in the chimney. Removing those gases from the home is the primary function of the chimney and cannot be properly achieved if the fireplace opening is the wrong size.

Your chimney sweep will also discuss the benefits of a fireback, or metal plate at the back of the fireplace, which radiates heat back into the room. Its energy efficiency makes it an almost invaluable part of a well functioning fireplace and yet they are rarely included by builders. Glass doors not only increase the heat generated by a fireplace but prevent sparks from flying into the room.

Blowers will also be discussed, an efficient way to move heat back into the room and excellent in combination with glass doors. In addition, a professional chimney sweep will inform a homeowner’s decision with available firebrick choices. With its resistance to penetration by water of primary concern, the harder the brick, the better its ability to withstand moisture.

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